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Based on her watercolours and paintings, Marjolene Lasne designs printed scarves in limited editions.

After adapting and harmonizing her designs on the computer, the scarves are craft printed on silk, in limited editions in a workshop in Lyon, France, each with a certificate of authenticity.


A painting that's not only for your home but also becomes a very personal item.

Scarves can be made according to your wishes :


Based on one of Marjolene Lasne original workd, it is possible to custom make your scarf by simply choosing a format, texture and background colour.(Please allow 5 weeks for production)

Treat yourself to a personalized scarf made of satiny soft silk!


These scarves are printed on silk following artisanal methods. The colours on the printed scarves may not match the colours that you see on your computer monitor.


Limited edition of 8 copies for each scarf,

with certificate of authenticity



There are four different sizes :


42x42 cm

Crepe silk Satin 69€

90x90 cm

Crepe silk satin 149€

Strips satin and silk muslin 168€

66x66 cm

​Crepe silk Satin 98€

45x184 cm

Crepe silk satin 175€

Strips satin and silk muslin 195€



Strips satin and silk muslin: Weighing 48 g/m2 and also displaying one matte and one brilliant surface, the material's alternating strips of satin and muslin silk helps to create wonderful contrast between transparency and translucency


and two different textures:



Crepe silk Satin: Weighing 56 g/m2, this material features a glossy side and a matte side, and provides a fluid and supple texture that falls and hangs gracefully



The collection is very selective, not all are printed in these four sizes and textures.


Please feel free to ask for a particular format, new creation or texture to make that ideal present for a special occasion...for example, based a favorite photo. 


We can reply to your demand, with our colour advise. 


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